Tom Hewett | Level 4 Coach

Tom Hewett - Clean Health CoachTom is one of Clean Health’s most unique and popular personal trainers. He always delivers a high intensity and enjoyable workout, and loves nothing more than taking his client on a trip to ‘PB Town’!

Tom has a broad sporting and athletic background, from adventure racing to first grade cricket, alongside a career in the sports media. He has always held a keen interest and involvement in fitness and athletic performance, and has now carved his niche as a Clean Health Strength Coach.

Tom’s particular skill lies in helping his clients to achieve rapid changes in body composition. Having dropped his own body fat from 14.9% to 3.9% in just 12 weeks and living life under 10%, he sets an example for his clients through both his approach to nutrition and his training intensity. As a result of this, his list of dramatic client transformations continues to grow.

Tom’s sporting background gives him special insight into the application of structural balance for improving athletic performance and building strength. For those with specific sporting or athletic goals, access to the state-of-the-art Atlantis equipment found in the CHPC, combined with Tom’s knowledge and motivation, will take your performance to the next level. As Tom says,

“No matter what sport you play, be it rugby league or tiddlywinks, you will be better if you’re stronger and leaner.”